At-Home Spa Kit

Your very own at-home spa kit to cleanse and purify for healthy, glowing skin.

Revive Me
Centella Cleanser

Soothe, hydrate and revive your skin.
Packed with ultra soothing herbs

Formulated with scientifically proven botanicals such as potent skin soothing Centella Asiatica and Mother Nature's moisture magnet Snow Mushroom to soothe and hydrate with every wash.

Revive Your Skin

Hydrating Bouncy Jelly Gel Cleanser


My skin feels so soft, supple and hydrated using it! It's never been this clear before I started using this cleanser. LOVE IT


Super gentle cleanser with a unique texture and luxurious spa scent! Really nice way to start the day.


Finally! A gentle cleanser that doesn't irritate my acne prone skin. Feels calm, clean and refreshed after washing. Smells so good!!

Revive Me Centella Cleanser
Healthy and glowing skin

Finally! An ever so gentle cleanser that soothes, hydrates and removes impurities effectively.

Packed with ultra soothing herbs and deeply hydrating snow mushroom.

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Skincare inspired by nature and backed by science.

Highly efficacious, plant-powered skincare that promises to transform your daily skincare routine into a soothing ritual.

Our Story

Inspired by nature backed by science.

Our ingredients are always scientifically proven and tested.

100% cruelty free.

We're here to transform your skincare routine

Inspired by nature

Skincare inspired by nature, backed by science. Our ingredients are always scientifically proven and tested.

100% Cruelty free

Our skincare products are 100% cruelty free. Never tested on animals, only ourselves.

Elevate your routine

Discover soothing rituals for healthy, glowing skin with efficacious formula, restorative scents and unique textures.