Acne Series: Common skincare mistakes

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3 common skincare mistakes that can worsen acne

There are tons of misconceptions of how to treat acne out there and you might just be making some of these common skincare mistakes that can actually worsen acne or your large pores!

Mistake #1 – Over-cleansing

For those of you with oily skin type, you’ll tend to love that “squeeky, clean” feeling after cleansing. As such, we tend to cleanse excessively (more than 2 times a day) or use harsh ingredients that will strip our skin off its natural sebum.

Why is this bad?

The act of over-cleansing or using harsh ingredients dries out your skin. As a result, the skin products more oil to compensate for the loss of moisture which may lead to breakouts.

How do I fix this?

An obvious way is to stop over-cleansing! If you’re looking for a gentle mask to clear out all the gunk and impurities from your skin, Rose Masquerade is for you. It contains Australian white clay which is the gentlest of all clay and does not excessively strip your skin of its natural oils.

Mistake #2 – Sun exposure

Taking sun exposure too lightly by tanning excessively or not wearing SPF whenever you’re out in the sun (even some of our team members has been guilty of this).

Why is this bad?

By not wearing SPF or prolonged sun exposure, you’re setting yourself up for hyperpigmentation and also, excessive oil production which can lead to more breakouts!

How to fix it?

If you can, avoid the sun when UV rays are at their strongest (10 am – 4 pm). Always apply sunscreen when you’re heading out or even when you’re at home by the window!     

Mistake #3 – Taking life too seriously (Stress)

Okay, this one is more of an issue rather than a mistake. Unfortunately, its incredibly difficult to avoid stress completely but there are ways to mitigate it.

Why is it bad?

Stress leads to hormonal imbalance, lower immune system  and also affects your sleep, mood etc. This inevitably leads to a poor lifestyle and more breakouts.

How to fix it?

While we cannot tell you to stop stressing, there are ways to improve your mood and relax after a hard day of work like taking some time to enjoy your self-care routine. Did you know studies have shown that the scent of roses enhances mood and reduces anxiety and depression? The next time you feel stressed out, try spraying some rose mist for an instant uplift or apply our handy Rose Masquerade for a perfect self-care session. 

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