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Are you overwhelmed by the sea of products out there and aren’t sure of what you really need and don’t need when it comes to your skincare routine? Are you always adding on to your skincare routine whenever something new and trending comes into the market?

We know that many of us get enticed or persuaded to get that hot, new product because everyone else has been talking about (we’ve been there too!). However, you might want to take a deep breath, slow down and ask yourself first “Do I really NEED this? And if yes, WHY?”

Here are some skincare steps to help you start a basic skincare routine or if you currently have a skincare routine but aren't very sure if it's right for you, then we’re here to help you go back to basics!

Rule No. 1 – Keep it simple!

The 3 essentials you need in your skincare routine includes:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Protect / SPF
  3. Moisturise

For your morning routine, stick to the essentials which are cleanser (you can skip this if it is not needed), moisturiser and SPF! If you tend to workout in the morning or have lots of build-up overnight, you can opt for a gentle cleanser in the morning.

For your evening routine, don't forget to double cleanse (if you wear makeup and/or sunscreen) with an oil-based cleanser first, followed by a water-based cleanser. Finally, top it off with your favourite moisturizer!

skincare steps guide to skincare routine morning evening

Other products such as toner, essence, serum, etc with active ingredients are considered supplementary products and should be used depending on what your skin really needs at that point in time! For example, if you’re currently suffering from clogged pores and blackheads, you would consider adding a serum or toner with BHA to your skincare routine.  

Rule No. 2 - Go easy on actives

Stick to one active ingredient at a time to avoid over-irritating the skin. Here are some general guidelines of the types of active ingredients you should be using based on your skin concerns.



guide to skincare routine serum toner essence for oily acne dry skin

Rule No. 3 – Do not overwash!

You never want to dry up your skin from the act of overwashing or even go overboard with over-exfoliating! People tend to take moisturizing lightly but it is highly important to always moisturize properly in order to maintain a healthy skin barrier.

Rule No. 4 - Don't underestimate the power of topical oils

We talk a lot about the benefits of topical application oils and how it can help repair and nourish your skin barrier. The general rule of thumb is for oily skin, you would want to stick to thinner and dryer oils (which have a higher content of linoleic acid) such as squalane, rosehip oil and jojoba oil. For those with dry skin, stick to thicker and more nourishing oils (with a higher content of oleic acid) such as avocado oil.

Rule No. 5 – Love your skin!

Try not to overthink and stress over your skin. Just feed it with the goodness of plant-based ingredients that you actually need rather than overloading it with a bunch of skincare products.

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