Circuit Breaker Edition: Stay Home (Skin) Guide

Stay Home (And Save Your Skin) - Circuit Breaker Edition 

Many of us around the world are now confined to their homes with little to no exposure to the outdoors. Now that we are cooped up in our homes all day, you might want to step up your skincare routine with some skin masking.

Is staying home 24/7 actually good for your skin?  

There are a few positives from staying indoors all time such as reduced exposure to the sun, pollution and daily application of makeup that clogs up your pores. Now that we're in circuit breaker mode, we can take the time to care for our skin and revive it from all the damage done

On the contrary, some may experience more issues with their skin such as dry and flaky skin from being cooped up all day in an air-conditioned room. The lack of vitamin D may cause the skin to look dull as vitamin D encourages skin growth and repair as well as prevents skin aging. Some of us may be experience increased anxiety during this uncertain and stressful time. Stress triggers inflammation which may lead to skin conditions such as eczema and acne.

Give your skin some TLC

Now that you can put on a mask anytime any day, why not have that self-care day to pamper the skin. Try our Rose Masquerade Purifying Clay Mask to keep your skin clear and hydrated.

Get some vitamin D (a healthy dose of course) whether it is by walking out to throw the trash or choosing to seat by a window.

However, it is still important to wear SPF to protect yourself from UV exposure especially if you’re seating next to a window. UVA rays are present all day, all year round and contribute to premature aging.

What can I do to keep sane during the circuit breaker?

  • Having a routine or schedule is important. It keeps procrastination at bay if you have a schedule planned or task list. It helps create a calm state of mind by having the reassurance of an established routine without even knowing it. Before you begin work, having cues such as brewing a cup of coffee or tea helps set your mind in the mood for work in place of the actual commute to your office.
  • Get up and move! There are many workout videos online that are free to follow.
  • Don’t forget to drink up (we’re talking about water, of course). The skin may be more vulnerable to skin issues and wrinkles when dehydrated.
  • Be charitable. Instead of looking inwardly at yourself, try thinking about others and how you can help.
  • And finally slow down. We are all living in different times now. We’re not used to it and that’s OK. Now that we have all this extra time, avoid trying to cram a hundred and one things to do in a day just because we feel the need to be “productive” with our time. Slow down and look after your mental health.

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