INGREDIENT 101: Tremella fuciformis (Snow Mushroom)

snow fungus mushroom hydrating temella fuciformis 

Deeply hydrate your skin with snow mushroom

The history of mushroom

For centuries, wild mushrooms have served their purpose as food, medicine as well as cosmetics. That’s right, cosmetics! Mushroom extracts are known as potent antioxidants and natural moisturisers due to their unique set of nutrients they offer. Snow mushroom's history goes way back to the Tang Dynasty. It was said that Concubine Yang Gufei, known as one of the four beauties of ancient China, used it in her skincare rituals for youthful, soft and supply skin.

Why is it good for you

Tremella fuciformis extract aka silver ear fungus or snow mushroom extract is especially unique due to a polysaccharide it contains which is an amazing moisturizing agent. Its water holding capability is considered to be greater than that of hyaluronic acid as its particle size is smaller which means it can easily penetrate the skin to deliver more moisture. Studies confirm that Tremella has excellent moisturizing effects that nourishes, hydrates as well as leaves a protective layer on the skin.              

Who should use it

If you’re someone with dry skin, this ingredient will definitely benefit you with its amazing moisturizing capabilities. It’s an amazing antioxidant that leaves your skin hydrated and smooth without that sticky feeling! Perfect for those of you who live in a hot and humid place.   

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